Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing gives your brand the means to reach a massive audience while engaging with them to build trust. Having an effective online strategy gives you a competitive edge to differentiate yourself from your competitors. We provide a range of digital audits to review where your business now and create a strategy to find out where improvements could be made.

Digital Marketing Audit

The aim of the audit is to review where your business is now, who the direct and indirect competitors are and what are they doing to identify the size of the online market and key trends. The audit will identify new opportunities and recommendations which will help to make informed choices about the future of your Marketing plans

Website & SEO Audit

The aim of this audit is to conduct an evaluation of your website and SEO scoring as it currently exists and then suggests a number of recommendations for improvements. The purpose of this audit is to identify usability strengths and weaknesses.

Competitor & Keyword Audit

The aim of the review is to find out what your competitors are doing online and if they are engaging in Google AdWords activity. We will also provide advice and recommendations for a Google AdWords campaign for your company. This research will help to make informed choices about the future of your Marketing plans.

Social Media Audit

The aim of this audit is to find out what the competitors are doing online from a social media perspective. We conduct an audit of your competitors' social media activity, what platforms are they on and identify if they have a strategy in place. The result of this audit is to identify the ideal channel selection for your business. This research will help to make informed choices about the future Social Media Marketing activity.

For information on the pricing of the audits please contact us.

Website Development

A website is essential to your business. Web sites are the first thing your potential customer may see so it is crucial to make the right first impression.  We provide SEO optimization to increase the number of visitors to your site. Keyword-rich content increases your search engine rankings that you need to organically grow your audience.

We provide:

  • Website creation & design
  • SEO optimization to drive traffic to your site
  • Content creation
  • Blog creation
  • Google Business Page Set up and Optimization
  • Google Analytics set up and monthly reporting
  • Google AdWords set up and campaigns
  • Video creation

App Development

In the modern world, company based apps are a great way of streamilinng processes and connecting with customer. Have a dedicated space tailored towards your target market can improve business 10 fold.

In conjuction with UX design we can create apps that deliver quality to a high standard.

Video marketing

Video Marketing is the future of Content Marketing. Video adds significant value to your brand by providing a fast-paced and exciting way to inform your audience. Video can boost your click-through rates, SEO, conversion rates & help consumers make purchasing decisions. We work with you to create a video suited to your budget for your target audience.

Online Market

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